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Kawasaki W175 Classic Modified By Julak Sendie Design

Kawasaki W175  Classic Modified By Julak Sendie Design

This time JSD wants to provide the latest inspiration for the Kawasaki W175 with the Classic theme. Actually, Kawasaki W175 comes with a classic look. Jsd Planned to change the look of the W175 to be more classic, you can follow the example of some old motorcycle manufacturers that have long been producing classic motorbikes, one of which is Royal Enfield. And the inspiration for JSD to modify the W175 is the Royal Enfield Classic 350 Gunmetal Gray.

This  Modified Appearance looks like  Royal Enfield Classic,  especially with a short seat that is only for one person and a form of the fender that almost covers the motorcycle tires makes the motorbike look like a motorcycle in the old days when it was still a war.

It contains other biker seats. Upholstery is made thinner and with dimensions such as bicycle seats or if the motorized shape of the seat is widely used in bobber type motorcycles. If you want the modification concept to be more towards Classic Bobber, then you can replace the handlebar with a longer shape.

Last, the addition of supporting accessories such as classic mirrors and chrome-coloured exhaust covers will make the concept of modification increasingly visible.

The first thing that modifier changed was the front and rear fenders which were inspired by the Royal Enfield Classic. Likewise with the cover of the middle part in the form of an oval triangle. For tanks and lights still using some design modification.

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