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Owner Throws Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 Worth Rs 2.4 Lakh in Garbage, Unhappy With Classic 350 ABS Launch

The owner of the Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 are unhappy with the recently launched the Classic 350 ABS Signals, that was launched to pay a tribute to the Indian Armed Forces.

Image Source: Rushlane

So it seems like the Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 Owners were not giving empty threats to the Indian cruiser motorcycle brand. As per a report, one of the Pegasus 500 owner has actually thrown his Royal Enfield motorcycle worth Rs 2.4 Lakh in the garbage. The owner of the Pegasus 500 are unhappy with the recently launched the Classic 350 ABS Signals, that was launched for Rs 1.61 Lakh in India to pay a tribute to the Indian Armed Forces.

However, only a couple of weeks back Royal Enfield also launched the Pegasus 500 Limited Edition based on the Classic 500 with some unique features to pay homage to the British Army and the two wheeler brand’s involvement in WWII. The Pegasus was limited only to 250 units was priced at Rs 2.40 Lakh, almost 80k more than the Classic Signals.

A couple of owners filed an open letter to Royal Enfield showing their anger towards the brand. The owners felt cheated by RE for launching Signals, similar to that of Pegasus, at a very low price. Here’s what an owner said –

“Feeling really cheated. Why can’t you guys didn’t gave abs to just month before launched Pegasus. Really cheated. Also similar design. Then how Pegasus will be a special edition. Totally uninterested in RE brand. You people dont know how much struggle we faced to get Pegasus. Firstly we waited and tried booking for July 10 and website crashed. And then no postponed booking date announcement by RE. Before taking delivery, you made us to go in to depression from excitement. Not everyone booked Pegasus are rich. We just booked for uniqueness and got a loans from banks to take this bike. Now I am not at all excited to take delivery."

Responding to customers, Royal Enfield said “We understand why you might feel that way, but we want to ensure we would not do anything to undervalue your prized possession. The Pegasus 500cc and Signals range share the same platform, but are unique in inspiration and design. Moreover, the Pegasus has a higher displacement.”

The owners decided to offer Pegasus for garbage collection as they are not happy with the response. “We’ve decided that if RE Signals is delivered to customers with this same design (with stenciled serial nos. & positioning of 2 logos at the front of fuel tank), we all will DONATE our Pegasus to the respective Municipalities of our respective cities & we will contribute to Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.

If company doesn’t keep value of their prestigious customers, we too will not keep the value of their most hyped bike. Clearly it is seen that they have used us as bait to increase their sales. If they are adamant about their pride, we too are very adamant about our decision.”

We feel some of the Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 owners are reacted out of emotion and should refrain from doing it. That said, Royal Enfield should add ABS to the Pegasus as the international model does get an ABS. Else, the price it justified as the minimum difference between a 350cc and 500cc engine is Rs 50000, even in the standard version.

Image Source: Rushlane


  1. The victim mentioned about valuing prestigious customers. The day you stop showing prestige in owing a Royal Enfield your value of customer is regained. Print with India is a the herd mentality. Everyone wants to own a Royal Enfield for no reason. Just imagine what kind of parts and what kind of life these bikes will have? Do you even know that none of the authorised service stations even service your bike correctly?

    Grow up guys quit buying these modern day sellouts who are just misusing the legacy of Royal Enfield and stealing your money.

    If you want to hear honest and stories which are real, speak to ex-mechanics from the Chennai plant, you will be shocked.

    Ban Royal Enfield now

  2. It is so painful to throw away a loved possession. I will say it is a wrong decision on his part. All the 250 owners should leave the bikes at the office of Siddharth Lal and could have protested in the right way. If at all they say is a valid point, courts can look into it for sure if a case is filed by the 250 owners. More than the disgruntled Pegasus owners, there are lovers. It makes no difference to them. Better way to take them down is file a case.

    Ban Unroyal Enfield in a royal way.

  3. After riding RE classic 350 for 23k, observed change in sound. Met the mechanic in stores and checking he informed me that its engine issue. Spent around 20k for engine work as there was no other option. Very bad experience. We think of brand but manufacturer just thinks of sales not quality. Do not buy RE bikes, service is too bad.