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Samsung battery equipped Harley Davidson's e-bike LIVEWIRE; Booking starts, price Rs 21 lakhs

The 116-year-old American motorcycle company Harley Davidson also showcased its first electric bike, LIVEWIRE, which is equipped with Samsung's battery pack. The company has It has started taking its booking in, which costs $ 30,000 i.e. around 21 lakh rupees.

Harley's electric motorcycle equipped Samsung's battery pack, which has been taken under Harley Davidson and Samsung SDI Corporation, in which both companies will work on electric motorcycle projects for about 4 years.

This electric motor runs with a lithium-ion battery whose strength can be estimated from the fact that it reaches 0-60kmph in just 3.5 seconds. At the same time, it is capable of traveling upto 177km in single charging.

It is easy to charge its batteries, which can be charged from standard power outlets at home. Its power cable is just below the seat.

Rider can also locate a nearby charging station with a specially designed mobile app, as well as the dealer who sells the bike will also have the charging station.

Changing clutch and gear in this electric motorcycle will get rid of which new riders will be able to run smoothly. At the same time, it will save the energy spent on breaking and send it to the battery which will be helpful in driving on traffic-laden roads.

There will be a new HD connect system in which the rider can detect the battery charging status. The location of the bike in the parking can also be detected by this system. In case of a bike being stolen, a message will be sent to Rider's smartphone which can also be tracked through GPS system.

There will be a color touchscreen display on the handbars of the bike, which the rider can adjust according to its convenience, which will have many features like navigation system, music. In this 12-volt lithium ion battery will power its power control, instrument display, lights and horn.

Suspension of bike can be adjusted in 7 riding mode. It has 4 standard modes which can be customized by the remaining three riders.

In this, the electric motor has been fitted in the bike frame in a manner that gives better handling to the rider.

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