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Yezdi and BSA Re-launch in india:Mahindra officially announced

Mahindra is planning to introduce Yezdi and BSA bikes in India following the introduction of Jawa motorcycles. Classic Legends, which is part of Mahindra, has introduced three new generation models of Jawa brand on year. These models have been launched in the price range of Rs.1.55 lakh.

According to Classic Legends, the company plans to introduce new models of Yezdi and BSA Brands. However, the company Mahindra recently confirmed that they will introduce the BSA and Yezdi brands in India. The introduction process may include local production for the first phase for export markets and planned launch for Yezdi bikes at the Auto Expo 2020. BSA came into the spotlight with Mahindra announcing an all-new product, hinting at another superstar entry like Jawa 300 and 42 for India. On the other hand, the displacement expectations are double than what Jawa brought to India with the BSA brand. Yezdi earlier came with the 250cc engine and that makes it purely eligible for another Mahindra Mojo based motor with added character.

It is likely that the new bike models will be introduced in the next couple of years. Furthermore, the Yezdi bikes come with New design in the same platform as the Jawa motorcycles are manufactured.

The new bike models from the Yezdi brand will be stabilized at 250cc to 350cc. At the same time, the bikes in the BSA brand come with more cc engine capabilities. The engine ranges from 500cc to 750cc.

Jawa 42 and Jawa motorcycle models delivery works will begin in February. Jawa bike production line up at Mahindra's Pithampur plant and also planned 7500 bikes per month.

The three brands of Jawa, Yezdi, and BSA are expected to replace the Indian roads. Fans are waiting for these motorcycles to look forward to their expectations.

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